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A Different Kind of Architecture & Design Practice

A relationship-based practice, Camber & True Collective puts people at the heart of all designs. After all, that's what architecture and design is about anyway – designing spaces for people to enjoy and utilize.

Deborah Sylva-Henslin

Deborah Sylva-Henslin,

Principal Architect/Owner
– licensed in 35 states and NASCLA accredited General Contractor.


Jared Henslin, BCMP

Director of Construction Services
... basically the get-it-done guy!


Spirit Animal

Gumby is loved near and far for his good heart and kind nature. He's an every-man hero who always leaves a place better than how he found it. Gumby has both feet on the ground, but his head is in the clouds. His focus is on doing what is right and good. Because of his faith in following his heart, everything always works out for him in the end, whether that means a triumph, or learning a lesson.


Our Clients

2nd Swing Golf

Austin Raintree, LLC

Austin San Leon, LLC

Axis Supply

Better Events Management

Bloom and Blueprint

Common Ground Culinary

Cove Mesa Vineyard, LLC

Go Brands, Inc.

Lasa Realty

Lectric E-Bikes

Matt Fendon Law Group

Middleton Engineering


Mission Center LLC

NEF Industries, LLC

Nothum Properties

Oasis Grill

THe Original Hot Dog Factory

Outour Storage

Pip Coffee & Clay

Posh Privies

Powder River LLC


Sonn Skin Co

Spanish Palms, LLC

The Joint 

Select Projects

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